Tips For Using Social Media For Your Consulting Company: Brought To You By Edwin Miranda and Friends

There is no doubt that using social media has benefits to a consulting business. However, there are a few rules you should keep in mind. You cannot just post anything you want and expect everyone to agree with you, according to Edwin Miranda.

Edwin Miranda’s Tips For Social Media

1) You need to know your audience before you begin. There is no point in posting something if you know that you are going to upset a few people. Posting anything offensive in the business world, or what some might deem as offensive, is a quick way to get you banned from social media altogether.

It is similar to how a judge rules against a criminal who is posting offensive media posts online to manipulate their audience. You do that and you earn yourself a one-way ticket to jail.

Situations like that are extreme, but they get the point across.

Understanding your target audience before you post is going to yield you better results when it comes to your brand, according to Edwin Miranda.

2) You should use social media to build positive relationships with people who can help you. Building a relationship with anybody in the business world is not going to work, according to Edwin Miranda. The relationships you establish on social media should serve a purpose of some kind. Otherwise, it is going to be waste of time.

3) You should try to include new audience members if you can. You can always try to establish a relationship with someone who is related to a person you already do business with. Think of it as a referral.

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