The 43-year-old, Ryan Seacrest hosts a syndicated radio show. As an entrepreneur, he has launched RyanSeacrestDistinction. This is labeled as the most popular menswear lifestyle line, and its designs are incredible and very modern with an iconic touch. Started in 2014, the brand has managed to give the market quality fabrics as well as an additional sense of design and detail to men’s clothing everywhere in the states. It is available in Macy’s stores. The brand has even a style in which they help the gentlemen have a look they want to upgrade from fashion disasters to fashion masters.

Ryan Seacrest has become to be a producer of amazing shows such as “Keeping up with The Kardashians” among other TV programs. He has been able to host Red Carpet events and also be a chief editor in “E!News” the leading entertainment channel. His love life too seems to be on a roll just like his career.

Who knew that food chemistry could be anything? In fact who knew it would be the foundation of love? Ryan and Shayna’s relationship seemed to have started on this. The two met when Shayna talked about healthy pancakes, and that is what caught Ryan Seacrest attention. Shayna Taylor is a personal 26-year-old chef and has a blog called Shayna’s Kitchen and an Instagram Account. Her ideal foods are usually about the vegan and gluten-free. Shayna is a dog lover, a foodie, and Ryan’s girlfriend.

They moved to New York when Ryan landed the role in hosting the Live with Kelly and Ryan show. Living together as Taylor says is fun as they see it as adventurous and opening a new chapter in their lives. The two have a love for an open kitchen with space. Food is not the only thing Ryan and Shayna have in common. They spend time together doing yoga, tango dances, working out and going for walks. Their passion for health and fitness is off the charts. Ryan says that they are in sync and that is evident as the daylight, as they share similar kitchen accessories and lifestyle.