Ronald Fowlkes – The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Ronald Fowlkes is as budding an entrepreneur as they come. A couple of moments of talking to him and he’s sure to pitch you up the idea of making a purchase of the First Gear equipment. He will be the first to draw up the comparison between their product and what Gucci and Ferrari have done in their respective fields in fashion and the automobile industry respectively.


He is a pleasant figure to be around and those in his inner sanctum often refer to him as a teddy bear. However, on first impression, you may not necessarily see him as such. Why? It perhaps has a lot to do with the fact that Ronald is an ex-marine who has vast experience with combat. At present, he also dabbles with leading the SWAT team at the St. Louis Police Department.


From a young age, he had always wanted to be a marine and made a point of enlisting as soon as he cleared high school. The Marine Corps inspired his forward thinking business acumen. This is most evident in the way he loves jotting down his daily activities and the way he structures his day by making notes.


As a representative of First Gear, he is tasked with marketing the product to potential clients. However, he will be quick to tell you that the products really do not need much marketing since word of their efficiency spreads like wild fire. Many of their transactions occur from referrals by clients. As such, he considers word of mouth the most important component of his business.


Having encountered First Gear whilst he was a marine and later on seeing their continued use later on in his career, he is a firm believer in the company’s stability. So much so, that he has even taken up co-ownership responsibilities at the company.


Ronald is also an avid Hockey fan and coaches the youth league when he has the time. He appreciates the evolution of the sport to the now more tactical approach it’s taken today. He is also a family man and speaks fondly of his 3 kids who he makes sure to drop at school every morning. Simply put, he’s a man of many talents.