Can Men Lose Weight With Nutrisystem?


Time is valuable when it comes to weight loss for men. There is so much time involved when it comes to counting calories, preparing and weighing food, your career and the expenses of keeping in shape that men may never or hardly use.

But what makes Nutrisystem so worthwhile is that it is not time consuming, it is effective in shedding those unwanted pounds, a price to fit your budget, and it is convenient.

The meals that are delivered have been packaged and requires no refrigeration. All of these meals are portioned out correctly so men will not have to stress this part of the diet, all this is taken care of.

Men lose weight more quickly than women do. This is due to the fact that men have more muscle than women do. Because of this, they tend to burn more calories than women regardless if they are moving or not. Men can eat more food than women and still lose weight.

Nutrisystem tailors to the person on the diet so they will know how to portion each meal properly. Some of the delicious breakfast food for men that Nutrisystem offers are chocolate biscotti bites, waffles, and pancakes. For lunch, the foods could be meatloaf sandwich, tuna melt, and even meatball in marinara sauce.

For men who want to lose 13 pounds in a month, the Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men diet is an option. This diet starts off with a turbocharged 7 day take off. The first week starts off with a meal specially made for the dieter. Week two consists of probiotic shakes and protein, and week three is Nutricrush bars that work by decreasing the want for food. This works by decreasing the appetite so men will not be craving food or eat just to be eating.

The life of Dick DeVos and his philanthropic deeds

Dick DeVos was born on 21st October 1955 and brought up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He enrolled for his education at Forest Hills Public School. After finishing his studies, he started participating actively in the family business, which is the Amway Company. At his tender age together with his brother were assigned to be ushering guests at the company’s convention and also help in clearing plates and accompanying guests to their tables. He eventually evolved to public speaking that played a significant role in his development of communication skills.


In college, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. After finishing his degree at Northwood, he enrolled in classes at Harvard Business School as well as Wharton School’s Executive Study programs. Through his handwork and perseverance, he received an honorary Doctorates degree from Grove City College, located at Central Michigan University and Northwood University. He was also awarded an Alumni Recognition from Northwood University.


Dick DeVos is a celebrated Entrepreneur and a successful author based in Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos who was the Co-founder of Amway, and he was named the CEO of the company from 1992 to the year 2002. After running the business as the CEO of the company for a while, he decided to vie for Michigan Governorship in the year 2006, which he lost to Jennifer Granholm. In the year 2012 when Dick contended for govern ship, Forbes Magazine named his father among the top 100 wealthiest people in America where he had a total net worth of $5.1 Billion.


Throughout his professional career, he has made generous donations to political causes together with his wife Betsy DeVos, who is a former chairperson of Michigan Republican Party and current Secretary of Education. He had his wife have made contributions to charities and foundations to make education better in the United States, which nearly total to $139 million.


For years, the Devos family has played a significant role in Republic politics, starting with Richard Devos; Dick’s father. A big emphasize of their philanthropic deeds has been in education, with nearly $3 million donated towards school programs in the year 2015. He is the president and founder of an organization called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation together with his wife. Their foundation contributed $35,000 to organizations that advocate for educational reforms in various parts of the globe.


Dick and his wife Betsy sit in the board of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the premier aviation-themed charter school In the U.S. West Michigan Academy has around 86 percent in graduation rating, with majority of the students coming from low-income families. They couple has also made sizable giving on institutions that support Arts and Culture.


In the year 2006, they gave out $12.5 million to aid the construction of a children’s hospital. The Spectrum Health System hospital has helped improve children’s medical care in the U.S.


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Securus Technology-Restoring the Meaning of Correctional Services

The purpose of the detention services is to correct the behavior of detainees, protect the public from dangerous individuals. However, people in the detention deserve our love, care and attention to facilitate and ease their healing process. Securus Technologies gives you a chance to connect with your friends and relatives in jail. They offer services that are reliable and affordable to their users. The beneficiaries have commended their quality services as well.

Securus Technologies gadgets are highly evolved. Some users say they owe their happy families to the Securus Technology. This is because some inmates were hardly connected to their families before they were detained. It is through the communication that Securus Company offers that they reunite. The family members get to dig deep to understand their inmate relatives. This love is what gives them the desire to be released and be happy with their families.

Isn’t it Dangerous for Inmates to Have Communication Gadgets?

Well, it is hazardous for inmates to have these devices. This is because some members take a very long time to reform. Some of them are bitter with the person who may have contributed to their sentence. They may, therefore, sort revenge through their gang members who may not have been detained yet.

This is why the Securus Technologies has codded their gadgets to ensure they are not misused. Every conversation is recorded. In case of any suspicion, the administration uses the device to investigate the matter.

The Securus Gadgets have been used in many investigation cases. They have aided in unlocking the mystery and close some cases. Many CIDs continue to use them Securus services because they never disappoint.

Final Verdict

The primary goal of detention facilities is to correct behavior. Poor conditions in the jail have abused this purpose.

Securus Technology corrects this issue and restores the real meaning of correctional facilities.


Helping Start Homeownership with Todd Lubar

With over 25 years in the real estate industry, Todd Lubar has risen to become a notable figure in the trade. His knowledge in real estate lends well to his pledge to serve the community by assisting others to become homeowners and setting them up for success. He works to eliminate barriers that often keep people from being able to own their own homes. His specialized loans and programs are tailored to each client to help them achieve their dreams.

Lubar believes that the key to his success is simple, hard work and motivation. “Get up and work until you can’t work anymore than work some more.”, is a piece of advice he has for not just up and coming entrepreneurs but everyone in all aspects of their lives. “Even though your work may feel repetitive and mundane after a while, it is important to constantly remember your goals and the bigger picture. It takes a lot of small moments of hard work to get to the bigger places.”

It’s just this attitude that has allowed Todd Lubar to grow. After graduating he joined the real estate industry in 1995 as a loan originator. This allowed him the experience he would carry with him throughout the years as well as setting up the work networks that would build an amazing future business referral base. After his time here, he was later able to acquire a position as an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. He went on to found Legendary Properties, LLC. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to grow this venture and open a second division, Legendary Financial LLC. It is this division that allows him to create lending for both individuals and companies.

According to Geeks News, throughout his career, Lubar has learned to always keep driving forward. Surround yourself with the right people, who challenge you and help you develop. Keep accessible and trusting lines of communication open with associates and clients. There will always be some setbacks or rough bumps on the road to success, but by keeping the final destination in mind he has been able to flourish.


Paul Mampilly: A Hardworking Individual

Who is Paul Mampilly? I have been asking myself such a question, and I am sure you will too. If we need to live a good life, let us make our lifestyle look like that of Paul Mampilly.

I am saying this because Paul Mampilly has been an all-round person. To start with, he once works as senior Editor, a manager, a direct investor, technologies and a newsletter guy just to mention a few. All these duties we have done in just 40 years. Remember to exclude about 10 -20 of study and growth. This means that his youthful life was spent at work. This is the just and the best way of giving back to the society.

Paul Mampilly was a lion hearted man. In fact, he had the guts to do all hard jobs in the world. For instance, he worked as an analyst at ING and Deutsche Asset Management. Even that was not enough; Paul Mampilly is known up to now due to his Greatest Innovation In History-The Profits Unlimited 7. The profit from the innovation was the biggest ever seen in history. The change exceeded the best knows technological innovation of smartphones and tablets.

AS mentioned earlier, Mampilly was a newsletter guy. His newsletter is one of the best knows. This is due to the total number of subscribers it has. I may not be wrong to that maybe you are one of the 60,000 customers who have subscribed to this fast growing newsletter in the investment world. Most people who have subscribed to his newsletter want to be like him. I think they want to win competitions as Paul Mampilly did in 2009 when he won an investment competition given by the Templeton Foundation. In this tournament, he turned a $50 million investment into $88 million for a 76% gain. This was during the height of the financial shortage without reducing stocks.

Lastly, I believe you remember 40 years. After doing all those wonderful jobs, Paul retired at the age of 40. I believe that was a good journey from Egypt to Canaan taken by Israelites. It is our duty to make our life as productive as that of Paul Mampilly. If possible subscribe to his newsletter for more information.


Lori Senecal On The Best Practices To Achieve An Effective Facebook Advertisement

With the advent of social media platforms and their soaring popularity, businesses have had to rethink how they conduct their marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook provide new opportunities for serving advertisements to a business’ target audience. As companies take to the digital space to trade their wares and reach new audiences, social media marketers need to understand what works on social media and what doesn’t. Marketing teams in various companies need to know what can work best on these platforms.

According to Lori Senecal, there are no silver bullets when it comes to marketing on social media. What will work for one enterprise might not work for the other. Despite this fact, there are guidelines that one needs to follow before embarking on a social media marketing campaign.

First and foremost, as a marketer, you must have a goal. Having clear cut goals on what you want to achieve, where, and when is the first step in creating an effective social media ad. You need to know whether you need to acquire a good number of followers first or which product you want to advertise to your audience. Failure to come up with clear goals will make you spend more and achieve less as a business.

Two, you need to create a practical plan on how you are going to achieve the advertising campaign. Outline clearly when to post, how many posts to do in a day and what exactly the ad should entail.

Three, create the actual advert while paying attention to some of the best practices involved in the creation of social media advertisements. Your advert must be relatable, appealing and should include real people. Your ad should steer clear from any forms of aggravation because, on social media, your marketing campaign is supposed to attract people and not repulse them.

Finally, after successfully running your marketing campaign, you need to access the impact it had to your intended audience. This process might involve checking on what people had to say about what you were promoting. Visit Campaignlive for more info.

Lori Senecal is one of the business experts who’ve made a name for themselves in the field of advertising. As the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky, Senecal has carved out a niche for herself in the industry of publicity.  Follow Senecal on Twitter

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Waiakea Offers a Sip of the Best

Waiakea is a water bottling company like no other. This Hawaiian bottling company was established in 2012 and is a triple bottom line company that shows responsibility in the social, environmental (or ecological), and financial realm. As a premium water bottling company, Waiakea has been able to protect the environment through a number of sustainable practices.

First, Waiakea is able to name itself a sustainable entity because of the bottles it uses for its products. All of the bottles utilized by Waikea are 100% RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET). 100% RPET bottles are better for the environment than regular or virgin plastic bottles because they use about 85% less energy to manufacture, which helps to reduce the resources that are needed from the environment. In addition to reducing the resources needed from the environment, this sustainable water bottling company is able to reduce the amount of emissions that it disperses into the air. When measured against regular plastic bottles being manufactured, Waikea emit over 90% less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The 100% RPET bottles not only help to protect the environment but people as well. Waiakea bottles are BPA free so customers do not have to worry about facing a potential health risk because they would like to enjoy liquid refreshment.

The core of Waiakea triple bottom line practices possibly stems from the practice of malama I ka aina which means “to respect and care for the land”. Also, the Waiakea way of manufacturing coincides with its symbiotic relationships with the environment. Waiakea chooses to protect the environment because that environment provides them with food, water, clothing, housing, and a range of other necessities.

Waiakea has been voted as a top water brand by a number of reputable sites. The volcanic water provided by this company offers customers a smooth drink with a soft consistency.

What Did Todd Lubar Have to Say About Real Estate Ventures in Baltimore?

Baltimore is one of the cities considered to be Appealing according to young professionals. Many people might think that the city is losing count in terms of the total population, but with the incredible young demographic, the city is only expected to continue doing great. Having a strong population characterized by young professionals makes the city a good place to invest in real estate developments due to increased demand for apartments. According to, Baltimore has great programs focused on improving infrastructure for public transportation, and this is also expected to attract more people to the city due to the eased access to the city. Different businesses are also doing well in Baltimore especially because the city is dedicated to improving the business environment for any company that may be seeking to relocate. Cost of living is also favorable and is not expected to rise significantly, and this makes the city a great option for anyone who cannot afford the lavish lifestyle in other cities such as Washington, D.C.

Todd Lubar is a business mogul currently working at TDL ventures as the president. He says that no one should pay much attention to the negative news about Baltimore because that makes one lose the view of the real picture. The Charm City has a good trend of successful real estate developers and other business owners. For instance, there are numerous excellent old building and historic landmarks conversions resulting into elegant apartments such as 10 Light Street which is a remarkable gym and fitness center. Another example is the conversion of the old Bank of America building which resulted into unique and lavish apartments in the city. Due to the cheap cost of living, millennials have opted to move to Baltimore, and this also increases demand for accommodation facilities. These features of the Charm City make it an excellent place to venture into any business and especially real estate development.

About Todd Lubar

Todd is a great entrepreneur and currently serving TDL Global Ventures as the president and Legendary Investments as a Vice President. He has served other companies holding executive positions such as Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At Maryland Legacy Financial office Todd Lubar helped the agency to increase their loan portfolio to $100 million units every year. Todd believes in success when commitment is observed.