End Citizens United With The Efforts From Ending Citizens United

End Citizens United is a democratic PAC established in Washington D.C. in 2015. Their mission is to combat the republican PAC Citizens United and reform fundraising for the American electoral process. Wealthy donors and the special interests they represent are at the core of what this organization is trying to oppose. They want to bring sensible finance reform back and eliminate the influence of big money. At the forefront of this endeavor is Tiffany Muller, president and executive director. Her efforts have lead to millions of registered members and tens of millions of dollars in contributions to fund operations. Her long and highly-respected resume includes working for former Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius. She has also served as chief of staff for members of congress, along with heading up pro-democrat think tanks and research institutions.

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End Citizens United’s goal is to raise thirty-five million dollars for this election year 2018. The organization will not accept donations from anyone in excess of five-thousand dollars, staying true to their own code that it is small donations that will drive their efforts. Their endorsement for Senator Elizabeth Warren are her reelection bid for the senate seat in Massachusetts, Katie Porter for the 45th congressional seat out of California, and Beto O’ Rourke’s senate race against sitting senator Ted Cruz of Texas are a few individuals that the thirty-five million dollar figure is aimed at benefiting. Other republican opposition, referred to as the big money 20, are twenty republican politicians who are facing reelection campaigns this fall. End Citizens United is committed to assisting every democratic candidate running in opposition to the big money 20.

End Citizens United intends on targeting independent voters with their message. Democratic voters will likely vote democrat, as will republican will vote republican. Having those swing voters that currently reside in the independent column of the electorate is essential for their candidate’s success. The aim is to appeal to these voters with a message that resonates with every day Americans, not billionaire elitists who believe anything can be created or controlled if enough money is present. The message is to drive the idea of changing the system back to when individuals running for office won elections based on the principles they apply to their own lives.

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Ronald Fowlkes – The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Ronald Fowlkes is as budding an entrepreneur as they come. A couple of moments of talking to him and he’s sure to pitch you up the idea of making a purchase of the First Gear equipment. He will be the first to draw up the comparison between their product and what Gucci and Ferrari have done in their respective fields in fashion and the automobile industry respectively.


He is a pleasant figure to be around and those in his inner sanctum often refer to him as a teddy bear. However, on first impression, you may not necessarily see him as such. Why? It perhaps has a lot to do with the fact that Ronald is an ex-marine who has vast experience with combat. At present, he also dabbles with leading the SWAT team at the St. Louis Police Department.


From a young age, he had always wanted to be a marine and made a point of enlisting as soon as he cleared high school. The Marine Corps inspired his forward thinking business acumen. This is most evident in the way he loves jotting down his daily activities and the way he structures his day by making notes.


As a representative of First Gear, he is tasked with marketing the product to potential clients. However, he will be quick to tell you that the products really do not need much marketing since word of their efficiency spreads like wild fire. Many of their transactions occur from referrals by clients. As such, he considers word of mouth the most important component of his business.


Having encountered First Gear whilst he was a marine and later on seeing their continued use later on in his career, he is a firm believer in the company’s stability. So much so, that he has even taken up co-ownership responsibilities at the company.


Ronald is also an avid Hockey fan and coaches the youth league when he has the time. He appreciates the evolution of the sport to the now more tactical approach it’s taken today. He is also a family man and speaks fondly of his 3 kids who he makes sure to drop at school every morning. Simply put, he’s a man of many talents.


The Accomplished Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla History & Background

When describing the career of Jose Hawilla, there really is no good description of him that would not be an understatement. When you consider the amount of work he has put in combined with unmatched dedication, it is easy to understand how far Jose Hawilla has managed to come in his career so far. As a prominent businessman, Jose Hawilla has become a mentor and role model for younger entrepreneurs coming up. Put simply, Jose Hawilla has far exceeded the initial expectations that his peers had for him. In addition to that, Jose Hawilla is as deserving of the amount of trust and admiration he receives on a daily basis. As such an important person in his field, there are many accounts that would give him credit for numerous successful ventures in the field of business. In fact, an article by xrepublic.net does a great job at describing the success of the brilliant Jose Hawilla. You can visit his about.me page

More On Jose Hawilla & His Successful Career

in the article by xrepublic.net on Jose Hawilla, the article goes on to explain how Jose Hawilla managed to reach the level of status he has today. It goes on to explain how for Jose Hawilla, his so-called “claim to fame” came in the form of the sports marketing industry. As a leading executive of one of the biggest companies in that respective field, Jose Hawilla quickly found success in other areas of business that has allowed him to achieve what he has today. Continuing on in the article, it further explains how Jose Hawilla has become one of the most influential men in all of Brazil. In other words, he has become as sought after and favored for advise as for any other prominent businessmen in Brazil, if not more so. Furthermore, the article illustrates just how beneficial Jose Hawilla has been to improving the livelihood of those he had the potential to reach. In terms of numbers, Jose Hawilla has helped millions with his valued efforts. All in all, Jose Hawilla has shown the world how to be a successful businessman while being as normalized as possible. Despite his obvious status as a highly-regarded individual, his kind-hearted generosity has made him loved by many if not all of his fellow countrymen. Needless to say, Jose Hawilla will continue to find success for many years to come.

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Madison Street Capital Adds M&A Advisor Awards 2017 to its Shelves

The mergers and acquisitions industry is considered as one of the innovative sectors around the world. It is because of the competitive edge required for the players in the industry to offer most effective solutions to its clients. Especially in the middle markets, they are tasked to help different companies from airline to mining sector. Understanding the unique requirements and responding to them need a lot of expertise and in-depth industrial knowledge about various sectors. Being a leader in the M&A industry is a difficult job, but companies with right vision and strategies like Madison Street Capital proved it possible.



As the biggest example of its excellence, Madison won the recently concluded M&A Advisor Awards in the category of Debt Financing Deal for the financial year 2017. Interestingly, Madison Street Capital got the 16th edition of the prestigious award in the industry for helping WLR Automotive in getting a financial partner. While confirming the award, David Fergusson, the co-CEO of The M&A Advisor, expressed the group’s satisfaction in choosing the leading player of the industry for the awards. He added that Madison offered the best of the industry in the year and stood different from a pool of highly-impressive players. The CEO of Madison Street, Charles Botchway responded that the company is honored by receiving the M&A Advisor Awards in the category and expressed his gratitude to WLR Automotive for facilitating the opportunity.



He also praised the contributions of Barry Petersen, the SMD of Madison who led the transaction. Apart from claiming the Awards in Debt Financing Deal, the group also secured the final berth in Financial Deal under 250 million and Boutique Investment group for the year. The event also saw an Advisor Summit with more than 500 industry professionals around the globe took part of numerous interactive sessions initiated by over three dozen academic, media, industry, and M&A experts. The organizers also used the event to recognize some individuals who could make a difference in the industry.



Madison Street Capital is a firm with deep expertise in various industries for more than a decade. Since it founded in 2005, the firm has created its own stature in the industry with excellent business valuation, financial analysis and opinion, valuation on various financial reporting, and corporate advisory services. The firm has developed some excellent strategies to identify the potentials and flaws of various companies through thorough analysis.



The company offers holistic advise that can help the clients to get some deep insights about their target companies before going ahead with a possible transaction. Madison Street Capital is committed to addressing the needs of the society and played a significant role in the restoration of New Orleans after the 2005 floods through a number of measures.


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Todd Lubar Supports Entrepreneurs Accomplish their Goals

Todd Lubar is a successful entrepreneur who has contributed greatly to the development of several industries including real estate development. After graduating from college, Todd joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation which he served for around 5 years. He later moved to Legacy Financial group where he helped the company expand its production unit to $100 million a year in loan volume.

In 2003, Lubar launched Charter Funding, a subsidiary of one of the US’s largest private mortgage companies. He later accepted a job at Legendary Investments as the company’s Senior Vice President in 2005. While at Legendary Investments, Todd Lubar created the Legendary Financial LLC. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures and Legendary Investments’ Senior Vice President.

As explained by Lubar, his passion for assisting people to achieve their dreams inspired him to establish TDL Global Ventures. He identifies factors that prevent people from getting approval for loans as a great hindrance to success. Todd’s idea was to create a program that clears such obstacles and help individuals get what they seek.

According to Todd Lubar, selecting individuals who are determined to achieve their goals has contributed to the productivity of his firm. He believes that his experience and expertise in finance and real estate has enabled him to identify such individuals. This way, he has always earned profitable results at TDL Global Ventures through mortgage and banking.

Todd Lubar’s advice to entrepreneurs is to never lose motivation whenever they fall. Instead, they should bounce back and confront the task with a different approach. He says that his practice of paying attention to every single aspect at every level of his company has contributed to his success. According to Todd, his most satisfying moments is when he makes a client contented by helping them build their businesses from scratch.

Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a B.A in speech and communication. Besides his focus on mortgage banking, he also owned other companies in other industries, including demolition, entertainment, and recycling industry. He believes that a culture of open communication and trust in a company gives people the opportunity to express ideas and opinions freely. Due to his contribution to the industry, Todd Lubar has repeatedly been named consecutively among the top 25 country’s mortgage originators. You can follow him on Twitter

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The Short Guide To Updates About Securus Technologies

There are many articles right now that you can read about Securus Technologies, but how many can you read today when you have limited time?


You might be enervated to read them all. It might even be impossible to find those all articles. It would also be hard to find the ones that could be trusted, the ones that are not trying to sell you something, the actual information you need for your research. In this article, we will try to address that. We will offer you the latest information about Securus Technologies that you may need for your research. Let’s start the article now.


The Securus Technologies Today


One of the latest news that happened to Securus Technologies is the fact that it acquired Jpay to provide communications solutions in corrections offices. I think the team collaboration brought a lot of changes in the way Securus handles everything in their business. It is with this new partnership with Securus and Jpay that Securus is able to offer new platforms for digital payments when the inmates in prison want to purchase something from Securus, such as digital music, books and other e-commerce products. The various communications and entertainment being offered by Securus are already amazing in themselves, but the fact that Jpay is already part of Securus Technologies makes the entire solutions of Securus even more accessible and engaging.


Without the involvement of Jpay, it would be hard for Securus to attain the level of success that thrust it to where it is right now. With Jpay’s involvement with Securus Technologies, the payment system of the inmates are made even more secure. Email, payments and the consumer media that inmates want to get when they’re inside can now easily be accessed with the help of the efforts of the new team from Jpay and Securus.



New Chairman Of The Board Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Wants To Increase Bradesco’s Efficiency And Maintain Profitability

Some Brazilians never thought they would see the day when interest rates would drop below a double-digit figure. But that day is here. Brazil’s Central Bank cut interest rates to seven percent at the last meeting, and the wave of emotion that hit the largest economy in South America was a sign that the country is finally coming out of a brutal recession. Banks in Brazil are preparing for a loan rush, but Brazilian banks are picky when it comes to lending money. The only way to get a loan is to have the money to pay it back, and most Brazilians don’t meet that requirement.

Brazilian banks want a guarantee, and the typical Brazilian can’t guarantee anything because of government policies with excessive red tape and unattainable requirements. The banks like to protect their assets, and making loans is not on the protection list, according to CEO and the new Chairman of Bradesco Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a banker who understands the plight of typical Brazilians. Cappi tries to offer those people services that will help them survive. Trabuco Cappi believes online banking services will help Brazilians be more fiscally responsible. But he’s not in a position to lower the loan requirements for people who don’t have liquid assets in their financial portfolios. Cappi is not alone when it comes to strict loan requirements. But he is alone when it comes to offering programs that help people control their spending. Bradesco has several programs that give Brazilians a chance to save so they will be candidates for a personal loan in the future.

Bradesco is a people’s bank. The bank has thousands of bank branches and thousands of service centers and ATMs around the country. Bradesco’s main competitor, Itaú, is not as consumer friendly, so Bradesco has a shot at becoming the premier people’s bank in Brazil. But in order to reach that goal, Cappi will have to pick a new CEO to take his place. Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the Brazilian banking icon, is turning the keys to the boardroom over to Cappi, as he makes arrangements to retire. Brandão is leaving a bank that gave him a reason to wake up every morning for the last 74 years.

Mr. Brandão was bank founder Amador Aguiar’s successor. Brandão gets the credit for making Bradesco the thriving multi-faceted bank it is today. Amador Aguiar was around when Cappi came on board in 1969. Amador Aguiar was an avid supporter of Cappi, even though Luiz was a philosophy and psychology major with no formal financial training. Cappi didn’t need that training. He’s a fast learner and a competent manager, and his 48-year bank service record proves he has innate banking skills that other bankers don’t have.

Cappi’s main task now is to find his successor. There are seven candidates, and they are current Bradesco executives. All seven work with Cappi, but each man is responsible for different bank sectors. Mauricio Machado de Minas heads the IT division, and Alexandre da Silva Glüher is the risk manager. Andre Cano is the bank’s human resource director, and Josué Augusto Pancini is in charge of bank operations. Investment head, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is on the list, and so is loan officer Marcelo Noronha. Some employees like Octavio de Lazari because he is the president of Seguros. Seguros is the bank’s profitable insurance division. Octavio de Lazari has a proven track record when it comes to producing net income, so he might be the candidate Cappi wants by his side. Cappi was a Seguros president from 2003 to 2009.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: https://g1.globo.com/economia/negocios/noticia/lazaro-brandao-renuncia-ao-conselho-de-administracao-do-bradesco.ghtml

Can Men Lose Weight With Nutrisystem?


Time is valuable when it comes to weight loss for men. There is so much time involved when it comes to counting calories, preparing and weighing food, your career and the expenses of keeping in shape that men may never or hardly use.

But what makes Nutrisystem so worthwhile is that it is not time consuming, it is effective in shedding those unwanted pounds, a price to fit your budget, and it is convenient.

The meals that are delivered have been packaged and requires no refrigeration. All of these meals are portioned out correctly so men will not have to stress this part of the diet, all this is taken care of.

Men lose weight more quickly than women do. This is due to the fact that men have more muscle than women do. Because of this, they tend to burn more calories than women regardless if they are moving or not. Men can eat more food than women and still lose weight.

Nutrisystem tailors to the person on the diet so they will know how to portion each meal properly. Some of the delicious breakfast food for men that Nutrisystem offers are chocolate biscotti bites, waffles, and pancakes. For lunch, the foods could be meatloaf sandwich, tuna melt, and even meatball in marinara sauce.

For men who want to lose 13 pounds in a month, the Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men diet is an option. This diet starts off with a turbocharged 7 day take off. The first week starts off with a meal specially made for the dieter. Week two consists of probiotic shakes and protein, and week three is Nutricrush bars that work by decreasing the want for food. This works by decreasing the appetite so men will not be craving food or eat just to be eating.

The life of Dick DeVos and his philanthropic deeds

Dick DeVos was born on 21st October 1955 and brought up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He enrolled for his education at Forest Hills Public School. After finishing his studies, he started participating actively in the family business, which is the Amway Company. At his tender age together with his brother were assigned to be ushering guests at the company’s convention and also help in clearing plates and accompanying guests to their tables. He eventually evolved to public speaking that played a significant role in his development of communication skills.


In college, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northwood University. After finishing his degree at Northwood, he enrolled in classes at Harvard Business School as well as Wharton School’s Executive Study programs. Through his handwork and perseverance, he received an honorary Doctorates degree from Grove City College, located at Central Michigan University and Northwood University. He was also awarded an Alumni Recognition from Northwood University.


Dick DeVos is a celebrated Entrepreneur and a successful author based in Michigan. He is the son of Richard DeVos who was the Co-founder of Amway, and he was named the CEO of the company from 1992 to the year 2002. After running the business as the CEO of the company for a while, he decided to vie for Michigan Governorship in the year 2006, which he lost to Jennifer Granholm. In the year 2012 when Dick contended for govern ship, Forbes Magazine named his father among the top 100 wealthiest people in America where he had a total net worth of $5.1 Billion.


Throughout his professional career, he has made generous donations to political causes together with his wife Betsy DeVos, who is a former chairperson of Michigan Republican Party and current Secretary of Education. He had his wife have made contributions to charities and foundations to make education better in the United States, which nearly total to $139 million.


For years, the Devos family has played a significant role in Republic politics, starting with Richard Devos; Dick’s father. A big emphasize of their philanthropic deeds has been in education, with nearly $3 million donated towards school programs in the year 2015. He is the president and founder of an organization called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation together with his wife. Their foundation contributed $35,000 to organizations that advocate for educational reforms in various parts of the globe.


Dick and his wife Betsy sit in the board of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the premier aviation-themed charter school In the U.S. West Michigan Academy has around 86 percent in graduation rating, with majority of the students coming from low-income families. They couple has also made sizable giving on institutions that support Arts and Culture.


In the year 2006, they gave out $12.5 million to aid the construction of a children’s hospital. The Spectrum Health System hospital has helped improve children’s medical care in the U.S.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Securus Technology-Restoring the Meaning of Correctional Services

The purpose of the detention services is to correct the behavior of detainees, protect the public from dangerous individuals. However, people in the detention deserve our love, care and attention to facilitate and ease their healing process. Securus Technologies gives you a chance to connect with your friends and relatives in jail. They offer services that are reliable and affordable to their users. The beneficiaries have commended their quality services as well.

Securus Technologies gadgets are highly evolved. Some users say they owe their happy families to the Securus Technology. This is because some inmates were hardly connected to their families before they were detained. It is through the communication that Securus Company offers that they reunite. The family members get to dig deep to understand their inmate relatives. This love is what gives them the desire to be released and be happy with their families.

Isn’t it Dangerous for Inmates to Have Communication Gadgets?

Well, it is hazardous for inmates to have these devices. This is because some members take a very long time to reform. Some of them are bitter with the person who may have contributed to their sentence. They may, therefore, sort revenge through their gang members who may not have been detained yet.

This is why the Securus Technologies has codded their gadgets to ensure they are not misused. Every conversation is recorded. In case of any suspicion, the administration uses the device to investigate the matter.

The Securus Gadgets have been used in many investigation cases. They have aided in unlocking the mystery and close some cases. Many CIDs continue to use them Securus services because they never disappoint.

Final Verdict

The primary goal of detention facilities is to correct behavior. Poor conditions in the jail have abused this purpose.

Securus Technology corrects this issue and restores the real meaning of correctional facilities.