OSI Group : Creating the path to growth

Imagine, you go to your favorite restaurant and have a nice meal with your family or girlfriend, the next day you pick up some fast food during your lunch break, never once in those two occasions did you think of where your food had come from and its okay not many people do as well. Food production is a very important issue for anyone, the type of food and the way it was produced determines yours and your families health, this is why knowing the company behind your food might be a good thing. OSI Group is one of the leaders in food manufacturing not only in America but also across the globe. OSI Group located in Aurora Illinois is the providers to some of the most well-known companies in the fast food industry, for example, OSI Group is the leading producer for the meat that Mcdonalds uses every day.

Much of the growth is due in part to the incredible leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavine and President David McDonald who have worked tirelessly throughout the years to bring innovation and growth to the OSI Group company. Today the company operates in over 17 countries and employees thousands of staff and employees. Recently OSO added to that list with the purchase of Baho Food in August of 2018. Baho Foods provided food to over 18 countries in Europe and now with this purchase and leadership, the company is seeking to expand on that share of the market very soon. OSI did not stop there, recently they have also purchased Flagship Europe, a producer of frozen poultry, pies, and condiments.

The tactic being used here by OSI Group and their management is to be able to produce the best possible products for vendors and customers as well as have the ability to introduce some of the most unique and rare ingredients to other areas of the world. There is no doubt that OSI isn’t slowing down any time soon, we look forward to seeing the innovation and progression of the company.

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