Jeremy Goldstein Co-Hosts Luxurious Charity Dinner

When it comes to doing good for others, it’s always nice if you are able to have a good time while you are doing it as well. This is Jeremy Goldstein hosted a night of fine dining and wine with the help of Omar Kahn and Jim Finkel. The evening was thrown in order to support the organization Fountain House that is dedicated to helping people recover from their mental illness. Awareness of mental health issues has become an important issue and the financial support from this night will help support their noble programs.


As a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy Goldstein is committed to helping management teams, businesses, and executives by giving them advice on a wide variety of issues that they come across such executive compensation and governance. In the last decade, many of the big deals involving corporations have used Jeremy Goldstein’s experience and advice somewhere during the process. He is also a Chairman for the American Bar Association’s sub-committee for Mergers and Acquisitions.


About a decade ago, Jeremy Goldstein noticed that there was a lot of talk about executive compensation and conflicts of interest that companies needed assistance with. While many larger organizations already had executive compensation teams, many of these teams appeared to be breaking off from these larger firms to form their own. He realized that there might be a place for a law firm to essentially do the same thing and eventually took the chance and started JLG Associates.


The many years of experience that Jeremy Goldstein and his associates have in the field have helped them solve the many problems that come across their desks. Fortunately, there aren’t that many new problems that come up in the business world and the problems that do happen to be new usually have some kind of basis in something that has happened previously. Their clients know this which is why they choose their firm in order to help them make big decisions. Even problems from the past that they had a hard time approaching is good for their future experience as they can look back and make better decisions about the issues that are being faced currently. Another way that JLG Associates is able to give the best advice for their clients is by getting to know them. He makes an effort to develop relationships that he maintains even if they are not actively working on an issue. Learn more: