How The Ashley Lightspeed Partnership Is Helping Startups

The main reason why Ashley Brasier joined the Lightspeed Venture Partners or the Ashley Lightspeed partnership was so she could help their clients start their ventures on the right track. But her natural talents, Ashley Brasier has always seized the opportunity to grow as business acumen, going for further studies as well as holding different positions in different firms for the sake of getting experience.

Ashley’s Previous Work

Before joining the Lightspeed Venture Partners and establishing the rather successful Ashley Lightspeed relationship, Ashley Brasier held a handful of positions in different successful organizations. As soon as graduated from Duke, Ashley was taken in Bain as the consultant. She later moved on to Thumbtack in search of a more operative position. While there, she was category manager for a few years.

Ashley Lightspeed then moved to Stanford GSB and it was from there that she learned all about Lightspeed Venture Partners. And since they stood for everything she believed in, Ashley Brasier felt compelled to join them. And as they say, the rest was pure history. More about of Ashley at Bloomberg

Her Work at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ever since she got interested in Lightspeed Venture Partners and hence the formation of the Ashley Lightspeed relationship, later on, Ashley Brasier has always been a hard worker. And her work is quite simple; get to help up and coming businesses plan their execution in the best way possible. And since she’s been doing this for quite some time, some of these things just end up working out for her.

She also has a brilliant team behind her that ensures her work runs quite smoothly. Some of her fellow partners include Aaron Battalion, Alex Taussig, Chris Schaepe, and Andrew Moley just to mention a few. The latter team is the reason why the firm has been around for two decades, expanding in different countries including Israel, the US, India as well as China.

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