Eric Lefkofksky- A Cancer Search Model

Tempus, founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkosky, is a Chicago-based technology company that focuses on data for cancer research. The information that is gathered through research is extracted from client notes, lab reports, CAT scans, and other scans that are done on the patient. The data helps Tempus understand the molecular data so that they can progressively find solutions or possible outcomes to the patient’s tumor.

This enables a more predictable outcome and solution for treating the patient. Eric Lefkofsky has demonstrated a near essential process for understanding the data behind treating cancer. All of what has been gathered has come about through the willingness to acquire the deeply rooted information that is threaded in human DNA and RNA.

Despite its young age, Tempus has proved that data in cancer research is essential to helping medical organizations around the world understand the dynamic processing of information that comes with experimenting, learning, and accessing the data within the cancer research. Each record of a patient that is acquired gives Tempus a larger database to become a better model for diagnosing cancer. With the goal to make each patient’s diagnosis a better experience than the last, Tempus is off to a good start in their endeavors to change cancer research and perhaps medical history.