Chainsmokers Members Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Make Changes To Their Music

Of all the bands in the electronic mix world, The Chainsmokers is a band that has been able to grab the attention of many fans. Not simply because of the electronic mix side of the group but because of the way their music fluctuates between one album and the next. They are always making changes to their music and this keeps fans interested in what the band is doing.

In the recent album release, the change that some might notice is through the use of vocals of the band. While this is not something usual for the bands in the music world, it is a change for this band as they were yet to add their own vocals to their music. Not only did they work to raise the bar on their own music, they included up and coming artist Halsey to the mix.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had not known each other until a meeting was arranged between their current manager. Andrew was living in Maine and attending college. He had become interested in the business of DJing but had never really held a passion for it like Alex Pall did. When the pair were introduced, it was like they were old friends going over the changes in their lives since last seeing one another. From the weekend the pair met and spent time with until now, everything was all up hill.

For most bands, there will become a period in their music that a plateau is reached. There will be a time when the band experiences sales decreasing and fans paying less and less attention to the music they are releasing. In the case of the Chainsmokers, this has yet to happen. From the moment that the duo started to become recognized until now, they have continued to reach a level of success that most others have only dreamed about.

With the new and current changes made to their music, the number of fans that they once had has increased yet again. With new artist Halsey adding the finishing touch to “Closer” on their latest album, the sales have increased not only for Halsey but also for The Chainsmokers.