How Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Overcame The Odds In Brazil Twice

It isn’t easy being an entrepreneur in Brazil as Guilherme Paulus can attest to. There are a lot of obstacles that need to be conquered, he says. However, starting businesses in that country can also be very rewarding. Brazil isn’t a country that has a lot of venture capital available, taxes on businesses are high, and the bureaucracy is byzantine and not always stable adding to the challenges. Out of 190 countries in the world, Brazil came in 176th when it comes to the challenges of starting a business.

What’s remarkable is that Guilherme Paulus started multiple highly successful companies in Brazil. He was able to take advantage of opportunities that came his way while building companies in the hospitality and tourism sectors. He also had to create great business plans and think very innovatively in order for his companies to prosper.

Guilherme Paulus says that his plan incorporated always listening to others. This included his customers, partners, government officials, and other people in the world of business. He has said that he tells people that his first advice is to ask for advice. He says you should listen to people who have experience because they will give you insights it took them years to learn.

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in Sao Paulo. He earned a business administration degree in college when he was just 20 years old. He started out working as an IBM intern but decided working for others wasn’t really something he wanted to be doing with his life.

He co-founded CVC in 1972. This is a tourism company that was established in Sao Paulo near a theater exit so it would have foot traffic. From these humble beginnings, Guilherme Paulus built the largest tour operating company in Latin America. He did so by offering innovative travel packages that no one else in the industry had thought of.

He also started a hotel company in 2005, GJP Hotels & Resorts, which has several hotels in Brazil. He says the challenge of starting businesses is just as tough now as it was in 1972 but, with perseverance, it can be done. Guilherme Paulus confirma participação no Fórum Conectividade; inscreva-se grátis

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Michael Nierenberg Rise To Success

Michael Nierenberg has managed to rise through the ranks of almost every corporation that he’s been a part of, and as such he’s made quite a name for himself in the investment world. He currently works with Fortress Investment Group and New Residential Investment Corp as Managing Director and Chairman, President and CEO respectively. However, he didn’t make his start in the business and finance worlds with either company. To look back at Michael Nierenberg’s beginnings, we’ll have to look back a few decades.

Mr. Nierenberg got his first significant break in the investment world when he joined Lehman Brothers. He spent seven years with the company and was a major component in helping to build the company’s adjustable rate mortgage business. This ended up working in his favor as it brought him to the attention of Bear Stearns. Michael Nierenberg ended up spending 14 years with the company and served some roles. Chief among these were head of interest rate and foreign exchange trading operations, co-head of structured products and co-head of mortgage-backed securities trading. He eventually ended up on Bear Stearn’s Board of Directors in 2006.

However, this wouldn’t last too long as in 2008 he joined JP Morgan. There he was head of Global Securitized Products and a member of the management committee for several years. Around this time he also served as Managing Director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. With Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he was responsible for all sales and trading activities within the division. According to many reports, Michael Nierenberg was quite successful during his tenure there. Having said that, Michael Nierenberg was still making his way up the investment world’s ladder. Eventually, he ended up having roles with both New Residential Investment Corp and Fortress Investment simultaneously.

Since 2013 Mr. Nierenberg has served as New Residential’s Chairman, President, and CEO; he also continues to serve as the Managing Director of Fortress. By many accounts, during Mr. Nierenberg’s time with both companies, he’s been a significant asset and has helped both companies navigate through many changes and adapt to ever-changing markets.

Gareth Henry Helping Students At Heriot-Watt

Gareth Henry now holds a scholarship name that is given out each year for his home college Heriot-Watt University. Heriot-Watt University provides education around the world by leading the way with research. Not only does Henry hold a scholarship at this important school in his life, but he will also be helping to tutor students in hopes that they will reach their career goals. Gareth Henry wants to provide the students with advice about careers, and how to reach their goals. He is not only there to help them as they are in school, but also after they graduate. He knows that the students who study hard and work harder will achieve so many great things.

Gareth Henry is currently living in New York. He works in investor relations in this area. He has been doing this type of work for many years now. He takes particular interest in the students who are wanting to jump into the financial world. He has many different lessons to teach them including learning more about technology, learning to use machinery, and robotic investing.

Gareth Henry worked hard during his years of studying to make sure that he could make it to the top. He knew what he wanted from life, and that was to be a very successful entrepreneur. Once Henry graduated from college he jumped into the workforce and has not stopped working hard since. Gareth Henry wants to be a shining example to students and people all around the world. He wants to show them that hard work and determination can achieve you anything that you want out of life. He wants people to know that if they work hard to achieve their goals they will, and he will be here to help with anything that they may need along the way.

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Equities First Holdings Changing the way Business is Done

For those that have never heard of Equities First, then you are not aware of a company that is changing the game in the business world. There are a lot of people that don’t know that this is a stock based lender and offers personalized financial solutions for those that come to them. This is a vital part of the business model that the company established years ago and something that they still go by today. Since it was first started all those years back, the company has grown to offer their customers a wide range of financial solutions for their personal and business accounts. This is one of the reasons why this company has been and will continue to be the leader in the financial sector and why so many people tend to use them for their business financial needs. Some of the biggest names in business have come to this company and trusted them to get the results that they are looking for.

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The forces behind the success of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an experienced company in the financial industry that has been offering the best financial services since it started. It has helped a lot of businesses around the world and their services have been outstanding. Since its inception, Madison Street Capital has been offering services that are helpful in making their clients to make informed decisions when it comes to investing. Clients have made profitable investment decisions, and they help them when it comes to completing transactions that are profitable. The company is led by dedicated leaders and has gained a lot of experience. It is also expanding to other parts of the world because the aim is to ensure as many customers as possible receive excellent services.


Madison Street Capital is a leading company in the provision of advisory services to their customers. The advisory services are crucial because they help in selecting the most reliable lenders for their funding. Small businesses have succeeded in obtaining loans to run their activities with the help of Madison Street Capital. The firm has also been working as a middleman between other organizations and creditors. They help them in negotiations with the aim of ensuring both lenders and borrowers benefit. It has helped companies like Vital Care Industries and the officials from the company say they are happy with the services they receive from the company. The excellent work done by Madison Street Capital has ensured that they were named in the list of the finalists of M & A award. The award is given to a firm that provides excellent services when it comes to mergers and acquisition and financial deals.


Being named a finalist for the award is crucial because it has contributed in making the company famous. Madison Street Capital was competing with more than 300 other companies, but it became the Turnaround winner in 2017. The company is not only engaged in business activities, but it is also involved in philanthropic endeavors. They have assisted many people in the community. Those who have been affected by adverse weather conditions have received help from the firm. That is one activity that has made the firm to stand out from many others.




Madison Street Capital Reputation


Since MSC started, it has been growing over the years. It has been on the market for more than ten years now and expanded to other countries. It is now found in Africa, Asia, and North America. The company has succeeded in providing advisory services to small firms. They offer unique services, and that is why they have become outstanding in what they do. Any businesses which works with Madison Street Capital stands to gain from the expertise of the employees working for this company.


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