InnovaCare Health’s Gems Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health was founded in 1998 by Entrepreneur and Health Professional Richard Shinto. However, its official operations as InnovaCare Health began in December 2012 after the sale of select properties of NAMM. The company is founded on the principles of progressive healthcare through unmatched expertise and implementation of industry-leading best practices to achieve value-based health care to even the most complex patient population. The model was greatly inspired by Dr. Shinto who recognized a large and unsatisfied need for operational expertise among physician groups and service seekers. He noted the varying market and worked closely with NAMM group to make quality health care accessible and more efficient.


Rick and Penelope Kokkinides before joining Innovatia held senior administrative positions at Aveta Incorporated. In addition, Shinto had prior work experience while working as the Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Plan Orange County. Kokkinides, on the other hand, was the Chief Operating officer at Aveta Incorporated. She had also previously worked as a chief operating officer at Touchstone Health.


Combined together Rick and Penelope are a source of inspiration, expertise and experience a blend needed to keep InnovaCare’s legacy going. In addition, awards and recognitions have also played a key role in keeping this spirit. For instance, Aside from Shinto’s educational background, comprising of two degrees a masters and a post-masters Rick published several medical health books. For this, he received the Ernst & Young award.


Penelope Kokkinides is the second key player in InnovaCare’s success in the healthcare sector. On an interview with IdeaMensch, she highlighted some of the key attributes that led to her tremendous success while serving as its Chief Administrative Officer. In the interview, she said that taking time to think of the next day is one of the habits she thinks made her a productive entrepreneur. Taking the time to think about what would happen the next day allowed her to plan on important activities happening in advance making sure they went well. For more details you can checkout their facebook page.


InnovaCare made some key changes in their top tier administration and announced these changes on May 15th, 2018. The firm hired Peter Zafris and Frank Izquierdo to head their Sales & Marketing and Healthcare management Operations respectively. The two had tremendous experience in their respective fields with over ten years of services in similar dockets in other top-tier health provision facilities.


Reforming payment methods was a move initiated by the United States government to steer the nation into payment methods based on quality rather than quantity. InnovaCare announced their initiative to join the Healthcare Learning and Action Network (LAN) on 2nd August 2016 as a move to back this progressive movement and contribute to their smart and efficient healthcare delivery as a move to back this progressive movement and contribute to their smart and efficient healthcare delivery model. For more info you can checkout





Sightsavers and Inclusivity

Sightsavers has researched on what should be done to make their health programs and projects more comprehensive for people with infirmities. As such, in 2016 and 2017 in Bhopal, they used varied approaches to research on their eye health programs.


Recently, they took an n erudition review to capture and amalgamate their experiences aiming to provide a foundation for the projects they plan. From the study, they had vast experience to facilitate the access of their services to marginalized people and groups. Consequently, they learned to upsurge awareness, thoughtful and obligation to inclusion to all their partners based at all levels of their organization. This will stimulate the implementation of their action plan in training, sensitizing those with disabilities to change their attitude on disability. They also learned to enhance their accessibility of health facilities to those with disabilities. Major agreements must be deliberated to generate funds to innovate solutions to overcome the challenges that may be posed by the existing infrastructures and buildings.


Further, they learned that there is a need to engage those with disabilities to be part of designing and implementing their programs. Again, people with disabilities must be involved in conducting pieces of training and in leading accessibility audits. This is the key factor in dismantling the disability stereotype and stigma. They also learned to be connected and have a network with stakeholders and reach organizations that they share a similar understanding. This is an avenue for more opportunities and capacity building on inclusivity. They learned the need for teamwork with marginalized groups, as this could be instrumental in their staff adapting, sensitized and opening more opportunities to practice eye screening.

Sightsavers learned to utilize disability-disaggregated data to enhance the change in attitudes and stimulate the needed commitment. The available data on their services accessible to people with disability could stimulate their staff to work on their deliberated action plan. Again, it could help them solicit more stakeholders to collaborate with them in reaching more people with disabilities. Finally, they learned that their target of inclusivity needs persistence, guidance and time. Persistence and patience are key instruments to change, as it is not realized easily. Their staff as such had a great to motivate each other while they are on the journey of inclusivity. As such, their goal of integrating the society and dismantling the attitudes and stigmatization on disabilities would be achieved and make their services accessible to all.

Can Men Lose Weight With Nutrisystem?


Time is valuable when it comes to weight loss for men. There is so much time involved when it comes to counting calories, preparing and weighing food, your career and the expenses of keeping in shape that men may never or hardly use.

But what makes Nutrisystem so worthwhile is that it is not time consuming, it is effective in shedding those unwanted pounds, a price to fit your budget, and it is convenient.

The meals that are delivered have been packaged and requires no refrigeration. All of these meals are portioned out correctly so men will not have to stress this part of the diet, all this is taken care of.

Men lose weight more quickly than women do. This is due to the fact that men have more muscle than women do. Because of this, they tend to burn more calories than women regardless if they are moving or not. Men can eat more food than women and still lose weight.

Nutrisystem tailors to the person on the diet so they will know how to portion each meal properly. Some of the delicious breakfast food for men that Nutrisystem offers are chocolate biscotti bites, waffles, and pancakes. For lunch, the foods could be meatloaf sandwich, tuna melt, and even meatball in marinara sauce.

For men who want to lose 13 pounds in a month, the Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men diet is an option. This diet starts off with a turbocharged 7 day take off. The first week starts off with a meal specially made for the dieter. Week two consists of probiotic shakes and protein, and week three is Nutricrush bars that work by decreasing the want for food. This works by decreasing the appetite so men will not be craving food or eat just to be eating.

Waiakea Offers a Sip of the Best

Waiakea is a water bottling company like no other. This Hawaiian bottling company was established in 2012 and is a triple bottom line company that shows responsibility in the social, environmental (or ecological), and financial realm. As a premium water bottling company, Waiakea has been able to protect the environment through a number of sustainable practices.

First, Waiakea is able to name itself a sustainable entity because of the bottles it uses for its products. All of the bottles utilized by Waikea are 100% RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET). 100% RPET bottles are better for the environment than regular or virgin plastic bottles because they use about 85% less energy to manufacture, which helps to reduce the resources that are needed from the environment. In addition to reducing the resources needed from the environment, this sustainable water bottling company is able to reduce the amount of emissions that it disperses into the air. When measured against regular plastic bottles being manufactured, Waikea emit over 90% less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The 100% RPET bottles not only help to protect the environment but people as well. Waiakea bottles are BPA free so customers do not have to worry about facing a potential health risk because they would like to enjoy liquid refreshment.

The core of Waiakea triple bottom line practices possibly stems from the practice of malama I ka aina which means “to respect and care for the land”. Also, the Waiakea way of manufacturing coincides with its symbiotic relationships with the environment. Waiakea chooses to protect the environment because that environment provides them with food, water, clothing, housing, and a range of other necessities.

Waiakea has been voted as a top water brand by a number of reputable sites. The volcanic water provided by this company offers customers a smooth drink with a soft consistency.