Gareth Henry Helping Students At Heriot-Watt

Gareth Henry now holds a scholarship name that is given out each year for his home college Heriot-Watt University. Heriot-Watt University provides education around the world by leading the way with research. Not only does Henry hold a scholarship at this important school in his life, but he will also be helping to tutor students in hopes that they will reach their career goals. Gareth Henry wants to provide the students with advice about careers, and how to reach their goals. He is not only there to help them as they are in school, but also after they graduate. He knows that the students who study hard and work harder will achieve so many great things.

Gareth Henry is currently living in New York. He works in investor relations in this area. He has been doing this type of work for many years now. He takes particular interest in the students who are wanting to jump into the financial world. He has many different lessons to teach them including learning more about technology, learning to use machinery, and robotic investing.

Gareth Henry worked hard during his years of studying to make sure that he could make it to the top. He knew what he wanted from life, and that was to be a very successful entrepreneur. Once Henry graduated from college he jumped into the workforce and has not stopped working hard since. Gareth Henry wants to be a shining example to students and people all around the world. He wants to show them that hard work and determination can achieve you anything that you want out of life. He wants people to know that if they work hard to achieve their goals they will, and he will be here to help with anything that they may need along the way.

About  Gareth Henry:

Fortress Investment Group Is Where The Money Is Generated

Rob Kauffman, a famous one-time driver of sports cars and current owner of a professional racing team, was a formidable force in the domestic investing market here in the United States until he retired in 2012. Wes Edens, the co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks franchise, was one-third of the group of founders of Fortress Investment Group alongside Kauffman and Randal Nardone. Together, the three founded one of New York City’s best alternative management investment firms – Fortress Investment Group, a business with 20 years’ worth of consecutive operation, $40-odd billion in assets under management as of March 2018, and more than 200 trained, experienced, tried-and-true financial professionals working for the entity.

Here’s what Fortress Investment Group does

Fortress Investment Group’s main way of earning money is through its risk-adjusted management of its clients’ $40.9 billion in assets under its corporate umbrella. The company invests in virtually everything the global economy has to offer, ranging from the vanilla financial instruments of the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market to real estate investment trusts and other not-so-safe ventures.

The company also serves as consultants, overseers, and administrators to acquisitions and mergers at the corporate level of business – Fortress is truly a master of financial services.

These three businesspeople run Fortress Investment Group today

Peter Briger replaced Rob Kauffman just weeks after his departure from the industry in 2012. Briger brings two Ivy League degrees’ worth of training and more than 15 years’ experience in financial services – 15 years exactly were spent with Goldman, Sachs & Co., one of the most prominent investment-level financial institutions on the planet.

Wes Edens has since invested in the English Football League Championship’s Aston Villa franchise, offering the club upwards of $2.5 million in help for the financially-troubled association football organization.

Randal Nardone is also a principal and one-third co-owner of Fortress. Mr. Nardone and Wesley “Wes” Edens work from Fortress Investment Group’s New York office, whereas Peter Briger – one-half of the shared role of CEO – spends his time in San Francisco, California, particularly in the Silicon Valley area.

Madison Street Capital Adds M&A Advisor Awards 2017 to its Shelves

The mergers and acquisitions industry is considered as one of the innovative sectors around the world. It is because of the competitive edge required for the players in the industry to offer most effective solutions to its clients. Especially in the middle markets, they are tasked to help different companies from airline to mining sector. Understanding the unique requirements and responding to them need a lot of expertise and in-depth industrial knowledge about various sectors. Being a leader in the M&A industry is a difficult job, but companies with right vision and strategies like Madison Street Capital proved it possible.



As the biggest example of its excellence, Madison won the recently concluded M&A Advisor Awards in the category of Debt Financing Deal for the financial year 2017. Interestingly, Madison Street Capital got the 16th edition of the prestigious award in the industry for helping WLR Automotive in getting a financial partner. While confirming the award, David Fergusson, the co-CEO of The M&A Advisor, expressed the group’s satisfaction in choosing the leading player of the industry for the awards. He added that Madison offered the best of the industry in the year and stood different from a pool of highly-impressive players. The CEO of Madison Street, Charles Botchway responded that the company is honored by receiving the M&A Advisor Awards in the category and expressed his gratitude to WLR Automotive for facilitating the opportunity.



He also praised the contributions of Barry Petersen, the SMD of Madison who led the transaction. Apart from claiming the Awards in Debt Financing Deal, the group also secured the final berth in Financial Deal under 250 million and Boutique Investment group for the year. The event also saw an Advisor Summit with more than 500 industry professionals around the globe took part of numerous interactive sessions initiated by over three dozen academic, media, industry, and M&A experts. The organizers also used the event to recognize some individuals who could make a difference in the industry.



Madison Street Capital is a firm with deep expertise in various industries for more than a decade. Since it founded in 2005, the firm has created its own stature in the industry with excellent business valuation, financial analysis and opinion, valuation on various financial reporting, and corporate advisory services. The firm has developed some excellent strategies to identify the potentials and flaws of various companies through thorough analysis.



The company offers holistic advise that can help the clients to get some deep insights about their target companies before going ahead with a possible transaction. Madison Street Capital is committed to addressing the needs of the society and played a significant role in the restoration of New Orleans after the 2005 floods through a number of measures.


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Paul Mampilly: A Hardworking Individual

Who is Paul Mampilly? I have been asking myself such a question, and I am sure you will too. If we need to live a good life, let us make our lifestyle look like that of Paul Mampilly.

I am saying this because Paul Mampilly has been an all-round person. To start with, he once works as senior Editor, a manager, a direct investor, technologies and a newsletter guy just to mention a few. All these duties we have done in just 40 years. Remember to exclude about 10 -20 of study and growth. This means that his youthful life was spent at work. This is the just and the best way of giving back to the society.

Paul Mampilly was a lion hearted man. In fact, he had the guts to do all hard jobs in the world. For instance, he worked as an analyst at ING and Deutsche Asset Management. Even that was not enough; Paul Mampilly is known up to now due to his Greatest Innovation In History-The Profits Unlimited 7. The profit from the innovation was the biggest ever seen in history. The change exceeded the best knows technological innovation of smartphones and tablets.

AS mentioned earlier, Mampilly was a newsletter guy. His newsletter is one of the best knows. This is due to the total number of subscribers it has. I may not be wrong to that maybe you are one of the 60,000 customers who have subscribed to this fast growing newsletter in the investment world. Most people who have subscribed to his newsletter want to be like him. I think they want to win competitions as Paul Mampilly did in 2009 when he won an investment competition given by the Templeton Foundation. In this tournament, he turned a $50 million investment into $88 million for a 76% gain. This was during the height of the financial shortage without reducing stocks.

Lastly, I believe you remember 40 years. After doing all those wonderful jobs, Paul retired at the age of 40. I believe that was a good journey from Egypt to Canaan taken by Israelites. It is our duty to make our life as productive as that of Paul Mampilly. If possible subscribe to his newsletter for more information.