Genucel by Chamonix Busts Signs of Aging With Innovative Ingredients

There are countless anti-aging products on the modern market that come in many different forms and work in different degrees. Many products offer no explanation as to why or how they might work, which makes Genucel products by Chamonix different from other anti-aging systems. Chamonix has taken great care to show that their products work on real people and take the extra step to educate them on how the products work. Genucel products focus on keeping skin firm, reducing puffiness in the face and reducing cellular damage beneath the skin that results in signs of aging.

According to alivenewspaper, signs of aging such as wrinkles, eye bags, puffiness, and sagging are a result of several internal and external factors. Poor diet, smoking, exposure to UV light rays, and even pollution are just some of the contributing factors to poor skin health. Youthful and healthy skin has an abundance of proteins like collagen and elastin that allows the skin to spring back into place when stretched. As people age and are exposed to damaging factors, the good proteins in the skin are attacked and reduced which makes the skin less elastic and show signs of aging.

Genucel has several ingredients to combat the breakdown of these helpful proteins. Genucel’s first line of defense are antioxidants like green tea leaf extract, goji berry extract, and algae extract. These fight harmful oxidants that float through the body and damage good proteins. They also help to keep inflammation controlled in the body which is key to healthy skin and immunity. Genucel contains an ingredient called Eyeseryl which reduces puffiness under the eyes due to thin skin and leaky blood vessels. Eyeseryl also combats sugar molecules that damage the skin through a process called glycation. Another main ingredient in Genucel’s products is called PhytoCellTec. These are plant stem cells that help skin build and retain its good protein fibers, keeping the skin looking and feeling youthful. One of the most effective ingredients in the anti-aging system is collagen extracted from certain varieties of marine life. In a double-blind study, the experimenters found that the groups who received collagen treatment showed great improvement in skin health and reduced signs of aging. Another study in 2006 revealed that Genucel’s anti-aging system reduced eye-wrinkles by almost thirty percent in participants. Not to mention, the system is safer, less invasive and less expensive than plastic surgery.

Genucel’s anti-aging system works the best in people who adopt healthy lifestyle choices while using the products. Exercise, healthy diet, protection against UV light rays and not smoking are just some of the ways a person can boost the effect of Genucel’s products and live in a healthier, more youthful skin, reports


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