Biography on Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie

Steve M. Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s as a page from his website gives a lengthy biography on his career. Ritchie has a long history with the pizza chain, having been with them for over 22 years and who was promoted as the new CEO in January of 2018. He attended Seneca High School and currently lives in Hikes Point, Kentucky. As stated prior, Steve Ritchie has been with Papa John’s for a long time and over that period worked his way up to various roles, first starting out as a customer service representative to then being an owner, to then a chief operating officer, and now CEO. The individual has worked very hard to get to where he is today as a CEO of one of the largest pizza chains in the world. Other roles that Ritchie has worked as include delivery driver, manager, supervisor, vice president, and more. For most of his career he has been with Papa Johns, besides a stint with Calistoga Bakery Cafe that lasted for a couple of years. Before ever working for Papa John’s he acquired his own local pizzeria in the town of Kentucky and worked many hours there, learning what it took to have one and be successful in the business world. Steve Ritchie worked long hours and for 7 days week, but understood that he had a passion for making pizza. He was even recognized by Louisville Business First for Forty under Forty after learning a lot about what it took to maintain a pizza store and keep it in tip-top shape. Steve Ritchie plans to take Papa John’s to new heights with expansion and providing excellent customer service, along with marketing the brand. The businessman has aspirations to own over 100 stores and be on the board of directors. The pizza chain plans on making various improvements such as quick ordering over Facebook, using more technology, and expanding with one place in mind in the Bahamas. Steve Ritchie will be leading the efforts as Papa John’s remains one of the best pizza places around, being rated the number one pizza company in America for a number of years.