Betsy DeVos and the Greater Good

There have been a few who have criticized Betsy DeVos publicly for her policies on educational choice and voucher programs, but there’s one thing that separates DeVos, the new Education Secretary, from others in the past. She is not backing down from her fight for new educational choice programs. In other administrations, standardized testing and failing schools were problematic, but nothing has compared to the ire that has faced DeVos, who has genuinely put a student’s choice ahead of everything else.


Many parents are delighted to see such actions being taken for their children, because it means that they won’t have to attend a failing school simply because of where they live. It’s also important to note that educational choice is not fueled by public funding, as so many Democrats and educators have tried to say. Philanthropy has been the main way that students are able to get into a voucher or scholarship program.


Philanthropy has gone a long way for the DeVos family. Betsy DeVos has donated over $35 million to education causes in the past year, and it continues to grow. She has donors from all over, but some of her main backers include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton.


However, despite these efforts, there are still some states that don’t want to have any programs for student choice. DeVos believes that this will change, but for now, she states that Louisiana and Florida are the best examples of private choice at work. Students are now able to pick from magnet programs, virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools.


It can be difficult for many to understand these programs. Public schools should be a priority, but after so many administrations have caused problems, public schools have become incredibly difficult to manage. “No Child Left Behind” policies are still in place in some states, and Common Core Method has caused considerable problems for parents and students.


In addition to education reform, Betsy DeVos has been working with school safety officials. After a string of gun violence incidents in early 2018, she was appointed to lead the movement by President Donald Trump. This allowed her to work with safety advisers and help campuses protect themselves better. However, many of the changes were put into place before the 2018-2019 school year. Ever since, there haven’t been any school shootings.


DeVos will continue to work with state education leaders to get more educational choice options available through 2020.


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