Barbara Stokes: Construction of Environmental Friendly and Energy Efficient Homes

Working as the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes has demonstrated how leadership should be utilized to offer quality houses and business premises that meet the demands of the modern technology with a limited budget. Adhering to the contemporary aspects of the building has been one of the significant challenges affecting other construction agencies in the industry. However, Barbara Stokes has positioned GSH as a company of choice when it comes to building facilities that comply with the requirements of the local authority while at the same time incorporating modern innovations. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Green Structure Homes construct homes and other facilities efficiently and within a short period. It is in the public domain that different contractors spend much time while trying building large houses or other facilities. This ends up slowing the planned occupancy of the homes which is likely to inconvenience the potential owners of the houses and other business owners who were intending to start their operations after the houses are complete. Moreover, fulfilling contractual obligations over a more extended period raises the expected cost of the contract due to the changes in the value of money making the owners of the project to lose much money.


Hiring local workers has been credited as one of the critical human resources policies that Green Structure Houses have implemented. Different organizations tend to come with their workforce and travel with them from one place to the other. This denies the local people some job opportunities, some of which don’t require skills on any expertise. This is not the same for Green Structure Homes as the corporation has been using local labor force to build houses in a particular region. This gesture helps the company to be accepted due to its corporate social responsibility strategy.

Barbara Stokes has also helped this organization to solve one of the main challenges that are facing the world today. The world is struggling to control environmental pollution while at the same trying to find new sources of clean energy that will not affect the surrounding conditions. Green Structure Homes has been constructing houses that are energy efficient which means that the ultimate owners of such houses will require little energy to run their homes. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.