Adam Milstein: Utilizing the Versatility of Business to Promote Cultural Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a man whose passion for helping others forms the core of his heartfelt desires. As a renowned cultural philanthropist, Milstein came to use his business degrees to establish alternative ways to support the Jewish community. After leaving Israel in 1981 to live in the U.S., Milstein sought to magnify his newly-adopted lifestyle opportunities by first creating a foundation for himself in the occupational field of real estate and then utilizing his career success as a doorway to helping others. Although first working as a sales agent in the industry, Adam Milstein quickly progressed to level of expertise in the inner workings of real estate and was inevitably promoted to perform duties as a Managing Partner (financial overseer) for California’s Hager Pacific Properties. For Milstein, handling business for the multi-billion dollar real estate firm proved to be a most suitable position for him because it allowed him to express his profound leadership capabilities.

Nonetheless, with his networking skills having come into full mastery, Adam Milstein began to act upon his wishes to build a network/community of support for the Israeli-American population. Not only did Milstein seek to proactively involve himself in several pro-Israel organizations, but he co- founded them as well. Milstein became a board member in the international organization StandWithUS (group that rectifies Middle East misinformation), a board member in Hasbara Fellowships (group that encourages pro-Israel activism), and a member within the Israel on Campus Coalition (group aimed at dismissing anti-Semitism via pro-Israel support on college campuses). Yet, in addition to these valuable memberships, the foundations that Adam Milstein helped to establish were Sifriyat Pijama B’America (SP-BA (group that provides Hebrew literature to Jewish families)), the Israeli-American Council (association founded in 2007 to conserve the cultural connection between Israeli-Americans and the State of Israel), and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (association founded in 2000 committed to executing a mission of life impact to cultivate leadership roles among the youth). Nevertheless, with great love and sincerity in helping others, Milstein’s message of societal peace, happiness, unity, and growth has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people through the community commitment of his foundations.