Rocketship Education: Where Individuals Go To Learn

Founded in 2006, a chain of charter schools called Rocketship, began providing services for students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. Based in San Jose, California, around 90% of the students served by Rocketship qualify for the free lunch program, and English is a second language for about 75% of the students.

However, the staff at Rocketship are not discouraged by those statistics. The belief is strong that every child has the right to quality education. Rocketship operates on the mission that every child can attend college, and the road to a college education begins in a kindergarten classroom. Rocketship is based on three beliefs. The first is that through personalized learning, every child will achieve their potential. The second is talent development is important both in the classroom and beyond. Finally, Rocketship believes in the power of parents to be champions for their child’s education, allowing their child and the school system to succeed.

Individualized learning is the key to Rocketship’s program. Students are assessed for current abilities and areas needing growth, then taken from their individual starting point. A variety of research based online programs such as Accelerated Reader, DreamBox Learning and TenMarks Math are used to facilitate learning. These programs and others are known for monitoring student learning and adapting to individual pace. For those who question a heavy reliance on technology, Rocketship points to the individual gains with the programs, which are combined with teacher support as needed.

Current Harvard research on DreamBox Learning suggests that students who used the program performed better on math tests for their grade than other students.

Of course, the use of technology based programs is fairly new to education, so long term results are difficult to analyze. However, Rocketship considers factors like student engagement and motivation to be a big part of the decision to use programs. For students to have access to sustained engagement with content which is customized totheir individual level is the goal of school systems everywhere.

The Rocketship education approach has data to back their methods as they are ranked in the top 10% of districts serving a similar student population.

Boraie Development Continues To Impress With Its Latest Projects:

Urban real estate development firm Boraie Development LLC has developed an impressive reputation with its clients over the year. This is due to the firm’s outstanding commitment to excellence in the building of properties that are truly innovative. To assist with this mission, Boraie works with some of the top financial institutions and contractors. The firm also works with architects that have a true vision for excellence in innovation. Boraie has recently announced that the leasing office for its newest project is now open. The new development is called The Aspire and it a luxury high rise that is located near the New Brunswick Train Station. This great train station provides access between Manhattan and Philadelphia.


According to WSJ, the Aspire offers true, luxury apartments with various floor plans to choose from as well as beautiful hardwood floors and large windows. It is also hard to beat the amazing location. Residents at The Aspire also have the benefit of an amazing roof deck as well as a 24-hour fitness gym. It is really no wonder that Boraie is so excited about this most recent offering. Check out



It has been a busy time for Omar Boraie in general, as of late. The firm has also been working on a highrise building project located in downtown Newark, New Jersey and the kicker to this one is the fact that the legendary NBA center Shaquille O’Neal is on board as a partner in this outstanding project that is located at One Rector Street. The reality is that Shaquille, himself a native of Newark, has long wanted to get more involved in renewal projects around the city. Ever since he first attained massive success in the world of professional basketball, he has desired to make a difference n the community of his native Newark, New Jersey. The construction of this new state of the art high-rise is one of the many ways that he gives back to the community. He also has the full backing of the development experts at Boraie as well as the full backing of the city of Newark.



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Jason Hope Pledges $500,000 for SENS Research

CEO of SENS Foundation (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), Mike Kope, announced that Jason Hope pledged to contribute $500,000 to further the Foundation’s research in rejuvenation biotechnologies. The central focus of the Foundation is to apply this research to fight age-related disease.

Jason Hope is a highly recognized entrepreneur who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His philanthropic ventures encompass medical research and seeking disease cures, education, and computer technology with a special focus on the “internet of things.” Read more about Jason Hope at Wings Journal.

SENS Foundation was formed in 2009 for the express purpose of enabling rejuvenation research. The intent behind the research is to allow for repairing, or avoiding, the damage caused by the body’s normal metabolism as we age, so that no debilitating or even deadly pathologies arise.

It was through the Foundation’s Dr. Aubrey de Grey that Jason Hope found his interest in SENS Foundation piqued, inspiring him to make a generous donation. Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, lung disease and atherosclerosis, are just four of the diseases that affect aging Americans in large numbers.

With the half-million-dollar donation combined with other significant donations, SENS Foundation was able to create the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. With many worthy causes to choose from, Jason Hope advises others to consider several factors when making a decision to donate; these all figured in his contribution to SENS. His initial factor calls for one to discover their passions. In his case, the desire to aid in medical research was a driving reason for the donation to SENS Foundation. The other elements on his “list” are: whether an organization is local or national; the ability to donate time, money or both; and the importance of researching benefactor of a donation.

The legacy of Jason Hope’s contribution to SENS Foundation can already be seen in the furthering of its AGE-breaker development program. AGE is actually an acronym that stands for “advanced glycation end” products. These add to the degenerative process that can lead to development of the previously mentioned disease in addition to arthritis, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s. While previous research did not yield significant results, it was discovered that humans have a different type of AGE than other animals (tissue of which was studied in research). Now, with these additional funds from contributors, research can continue with the specific study of human reaction to therapies that can negate the AGE’s in causing degenerative disease in aging adults.



Felipe Montoro Jens Knows What He’s Reporting

On March 24, 2018, a special meeting occurred in Mendoza, Argentina concerning the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) support for private investments being used in infrastructure projects all over Latin America. Leading the argument in favor of private investments was Dyogo Oliveira, the Minister of Planning, Development, and Management.

The key to his argument was the importance of utilizing a financial mechanism to leverage more investments. It’s common knowledge that private investors can invest more substantial amounts faster than public or federal investors. The reporter recapping the story was Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure projects expert.

When people started reading his articles about Latin America’s changing infrastructure, his name quickly shot to the top of the list for reporters people wanted to hear from. His coverage of the Special Meeting of Governors is one of the most detail and profound. Because of his expertise, he was able to represent Oliveira’s argument accurately. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to continue the conversation.

Oliveira didn’t go into the mission without support. The Finance Minister and Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors, Luis Caputo supported Dyogo. He also had the support of Garrido, the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support of Spain. Spain is one of Brazil’s largest investing partners.

Everything Oliveira talked about pointed to preparing Latin America for the next industrial revolution. He wants to repair and change the infrastructure so that they can better reap the rewards of the Industry 4.0 Revolution. Overall, these investments should be used to help repair road, bridges, and water utilities.

As proof private investments are the right direction, he used Brazil’s Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) as an example. Brazil has already started looking for alternative investment sources, and it’s proven to be great for Latin America.

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