Barbara Stokes: Construction of Environmental Friendly and Energy Efficient Homes

Working as the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes, Barbara Stokes has demonstrated how leadership should be utilized to offer quality houses and business premises that meet the demands of the modern technology with a limited budget. Adhering to the contemporary aspects of the building has been one of the significant challenges affecting other construction agencies in the industry. However, Barbara Stokes has positioned GSH as a company of choice when it comes to building facilities that comply with the requirements of the local authority while at the same time incorporating modern innovations. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Green Structure Homes construct homes and other facilities efficiently and within a short period. It is in the public domain that different contractors spend much time while trying building large houses or other facilities. This ends up slowing the planned occupancy of the homes which is likely to inconvenience the potential owners of the houses and other business owners who were intending to start their operations after the houses are complete. Moreover, fulfilling contractual obligations over a more extended period raises the expected cost of the contract due to the changes in the value of money making the owners of the project to lose much money.


Hiring local workers has been credited as one of the critical human resources policies that Green Structure Houses have implemented. Different organizations tend to come with their workforce and travel with them from one place to the other. This denies the local people some job opportunities, some of which don’t require skills on any expertise. This is not the same for Green Structure Homes as the corporation has been using local labor force to build houses in a particular region. This gesture helps the company to be accepted due to its corporate social responsibility strategy.

Barbara Stokes has also helped this organization to solve one of the main challenges that are facing the world today. The world is struggling to control environmental pollution while at the same trying to find new sources of clean energy that will not affect the surrounding conditions. Green Structure Homes has been constructing houses that are energy efficient which means that the ultimate owners of such houses will require little energy to run their homes. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Sightsavers and Inclusivity

Sightsavers has researched on what should be done to make their health programs and projects more comprehensive for people with infirmities. As such, in 2016 and 2017 in Bhopal, they used varied approaches to research on their eye health programs.


Recently, they took an n erudition review to capture and amalgamate their experiences aiming to provide a foundation for the projects they plan. From the study, they had vast experience to facilitate the access of their services to marginalized people and groups. Consequently, they learned to upsurge awareness, thoughtful and obligation to inclusion to all their partners based at all levels of their organization. This will stimulate the implementation of their action plan in training, sensitizing those with disabilities to change their attitude on disability. They also learned to enhance their accessibility of health facilities to those with disabilities. Major agreements must be deliberated to generate funds to innovate solutions to overcome the challenges that may be posed by the existing infrastructures and buildings.


Further, they learned that there is a need to engage those with disabilities to be part of designing and implementing their programs. Again, people with disabilities must be involved in conducting pieces of training and in leading accessibility audits. This is the key factor in dismantling the disability stereotype and stigma. They also learned to be connected and have a network with stakeholders and reach organizations that they share a similar understanding. This is an avenue for more opportunities and capacity building on inclusivity. They learned the need for teamwork with marginalized groups, as this could be instrumental in their staff adapting, sensitized and opening more opportunities to practice eye screening.

Sightsavers learned to utilize disability-disaggregated data to enhance the change in attitudes and stimulate the needed commitment. The available data on their services accessible to people with disability could stimulate their staff to work on their deliberated action plan. Again, it could help them solicit more stakeholders to collaborate with them in reaching more people with disabilities. Finally, they learned that their target of inclusivity needs persistence, guidance and time. Persistence and patience are key instruments to change, as it is not realized easily. Their staff as such had a great to motivate each other while they are on the journey of inclusivity. As such, their goal of integrating the society and dismantling the attitudes and stigmatization on disabilities would be achieved and make their services accessible to all.

Betsy DeVos Aims To Work For A Better Education System In America

Betsy DeVos has always been at the forefront of educational reform in the country. She has worked hard to bring forth changes to the school system so as to give the children in America a better future. She has repeatedly tried to push forward programs that would work for the betterment of the school system, and which could work towards implementing better changes for the children of America.



One of the biggest concerns that Betsy DeVos had was with regards to the school system in the country. Ever since the beginning of her career, she had always noticed that the school system was regularly facing problems when it came to funding and being able to offer the necessities to students. One of the fundamental things that she realized was that the public school system was where the majority of the children in America go to receive their school education. These public schools are mainly dependent on taxpayers money and are meant to provide children with all the necessities that they need. However, the sad truth is that not all children receive what they need, and often, they are deprived of these necessities, thereby hindering their development.



Realizing this, DeVos knew that she needed to do something to ensure that children all over America receive the care and facilities that they need. She believed that no child in America should be deprived of these necessities simply because the school that they are in cannot afford them. This idea put her at the forefront of the school charter movement, which was a coming together of people to fight for better schools and better support to charter schools in particular, which could provide them with the right resources to be able to grow as individuals.



Ever since coming into office as the Education Minister of the country, DeVos has actively tried to implement changes to improve education in America. Through the numerous programs that she has already started to work towards, she has been able to put forth a better system that functions for the betterment of all.



There is still a lot more that DeVos wants to achieve in her position as the Education Minister. She believes that education has the power to transform a country and can make America truly the great nation that it deserves to be. Through her experience and the work that she has been doing, she is not far from reaching the goals that she set for herself.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Progress In Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a native of Sao Paulo.he was born on Sao Paulo in 1951. He is most well known for his positions at the Bradesco Bank. He began working at Bradesco bank when he was 17 years of age. He started out as a clerk and has worked his way up to President of the company. Trabuco was a teenager when he started working at the bank, but he did not let that stop him from receiving college degrees while working at the bank. While reaching his personal goals he made progress in his corporate goals as well.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the Marketing Director after working at the bank for 15 years. He worked in marketing for eight years. During the eight years that he was the Marketing Director, the mass communication market had more connection with them than they had before. The relationship that hadn’t been very fruitful became more fruitful during the time that he was the Marketing Director. He received many different positions while he worked at the bank. He has even been placed in charge of companies that are connected to the bank. In his position as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco Insurance, he took charge over eight companies that were attached to that one company. Before he received his assignment at the Bradesco Insurance, he was selected to be the Vice President at the Bradesco Bank.


While he worked in various offices in the company he was able to bring the company into new territories. He developed relationships with other significant influences that would benefit the company for years to come. While he was the President at Bradesco Insurance, he was able to create shares of stock for the Bradesco Bank. The Insurance company conquered new heights and became more profitable than it had ever been during the time that he was the President. The Bradesco Insurance market expanded and they held one of the most significant marketing ventures for 20 years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to better the company in the positions that he was placed in which led to him becoming a Chief Executive Officer at the Bradesco Bank. In October of 2017 after the retirement of the previous President Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected to take his place. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is now the third Chairman of the Bradesco Bank since the bank started in 1943.

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