Sussex Healthcare: The United Kingdom’s Senior Care Provider

Sussex Healthcare has been around for over 25 years. They have multiple locations and provide the best senior and support services. They also have a lot of vacant jobs available. If you are wanting to get into the healthcare field, consider working for Sussex.

What are the services provided by this wonderful establishment? Well, it is a senior living home. However, people who have any type of severe learning disability do qualify for their services. Patients with Dementia, acquired brain injuries, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological issues can get the care they need by amazing award-winning staff. Amanda Morgan-Taylor, Sussex Healthcare’s new Chief Executive Officer, has already started to make some changes to keep the company professionally sound. She helped to approve a new Director of Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement. Because Taylor brings to the table a list of credentials that has garnered her respect in the healthcare field, Sussex will stay in good standing with the people who use the services.


If you have skills in the medical field that you can contribute to Sussex Healthcare, there are plenty of jobs at your fingertips where you can put them to use. Most of these jobs are shift positions due to the nature of care that the patients need. However, if you work weekends and bank holidays, you will be paid more for that time than your regular shift. Benefits come with these opportunities as well. You will get a pension, paid breaks, free uniform, referral bonuses, subsidized meals, and can use the free staff bus. If you need to get to your specific location, that mode of transportation is the best. You do not need experience for some of these positions. They will train you on the job at their very own training academy. If you are wondering which jobs can get you a head start into the healthcare field, the care assistant positions are the best jobs to go with. There is even a weekend driver, laundry assistant, and team leader positions available. You can work at night or during the day. You can also get a full or part-time position.

Your career is important to you. There is no way of getting around that. However, you must understand that Sussex provides you with the best hands-on experience with patients. Why not give them a call and get hired for the job that is right for you.


Betsy DeVos: Empowering Our Children’s Future

We live in a society where we go to school based on our location or our ZIP Code. The schools that we go to maybe exceptional or subpar, in many ways it feels as though it is the luck of the draw. The quality of the school can shift based on staff turnover and educational standards, there is no mandate for educational consistency. Throughout all of this, parents are sent home memos to let them know about their children’s progress, but they are never truly immersed in the world of their children. They may be invited to come see a school play every now and then or seek to their children’s teacher on a parent-teacher night, but there never asked to give an input on their children’s education nor do they have any information on the educational trajectory of the school.


Betsy DeVos, the sitting Secretary of Education, did not like that standard. Even with her own children, she felt like she could become more involved, and they were in the charter school system. While working with her children and visiting their school, she met many different types of parents from many different social classes. She knew what they had to sacrifice to enroll their children in the schools and what it must be like for other parents that were not able to do that for their own children. Sometimes parents are even oblivious that they might have a say in how their children are educated. Therefore, this is why it is so important for individuals like Betsy DeVos to advocate for these changes, it promotes a new way of life that people never thought was possible.


DeVos sat down to answer some questions about her early career and the current progress of her time as Secretary of Education with She explains that not only has she seen significant growth in the charter school system, but more parents have also seen the value in homeschooling their children. This is definitely a way that parents can gain power over their children’s education by directly providing it to them themselves. Virtual schools have also hit their stride in recent years, with increasingly more students taking to the Internet to receive a valuable education. This option not only lets parents-controlled education process, that allow students to engage in more self-directed learning which will prepare them for their vocational future as well. In a way, it puts education into the hands of the parents but also into the hands of the students themselves.


According to the exuberant Secretary of Education, the schools in the United States are in need of a significant overhaul. They have not felt the stress and challenges associated with competing for funding and students. Students have simply been funneling into their halls for many years because of something that has been established, but with people like DeVos in office, other alternatives are being given more merit. Students are finding more confidence in other types of education and the parents are feeling the power they haven’t felt in many years when it comes to their children’s future.


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End Citizens United With The Efforts From Ending Citizens United

End Citizens United is a democratic PAC established in Washington D.C. in 2015. Their mission is to combat the republican PAC Citizens United and reform fundraising for the American electoral process. Wealthy donors and the special interests they represent are at the core of what this organization is trying to oppose. They want to bring sensible finance reform back and eliminate the influence of big money. At the forefront of this endeavor is Tiffany Muller, president and executive director. Her efforts have lead to millions of registered members and tens of millions of dollars in contributions to fund operations. Her long and highly-respected resume includes working for former Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius. She has also served as chief of staff for members of congress, along with heading up pro-democrat think tanks and research institutions.

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End Citizens United’s goal is to raise thirty-five million dollars for this election year 2018. The organization will not accept donations from anyone in excess of five-thousand dollars, staying true to their own code that it is small donations that will drive their efforts. Their endorsement for Senator Elizabeth Warren are her reelection bid for the senate seat in Massachusetts, Katie Porter for the 45th congressional seat out of California, and Beto O’ Rourke’s senate race against sitting senator Ted Cruz of Texas are a few individuals that the thirty-five million dollar figure is aimed at benefiting. Other republican opposition, referred to as the big money 20, are twenty republican politicians who are facing reelection campaigns this fall. End Citizens United is committed to assisting every democratic candidate running in opposition to the big money 20.

End Citizens United intends on targeting independent voters with their message. Democratic voters will likely vote democrat, as will republican will vote republican. Having those swing voters that currently reside in the independent column of the electorate is essential for their candidate’s success. The aim is to appeal to these voters with a message that resonates with every day Americans, not billionaire elitists who believe anything can be created or controlled if enough money is present. The message is to drive the idea of changing the system back to when individuals running for office won elections based on the principles they apply to their own lives.

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Ronald Fowlkes – The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Ronald Fowlkes is as budding an entrepreneur as they come. A couple of moments of talking to him and he’s sure to pitch you up the idea of making a purchase of the First Gear equipment. He will be the first to draw up the comparison between their product and what Gucci and Ferrari have done in their respective fields in fashion and the automobile industry respectively.


He is a pleasant figure to be around and those in his inner sanctum often refer to him as a teddy bear. However, on first impression, you may not necessarily see him as such. Why? It perhaps has a lot to do with the fact that Ronald is an ex-marine who has vast experience with combat. At present, he also dabbles with leading the SWAT team at the St. Louis Police Department.


From a young age, he had always wanted to be a marine and made a point of enlisting as soon as he cleared high school. The Marine Corps inspired his forward thinking business acumen. This is most evident in the way he loves jotting down his daily activities and the way he structures his day by making notes.


As a representative of First Gear, he is tasked with marketing the product to potential clients. However, he will be quick to tell you that the products really do not need much marketing since word of their efficiency spreads like wild fire. Many of their transactions occur from referrals by clients. As such, he considers word of mouth the most important component of his business.


Having encountered First Gear whilst he was a marine and later on seeing their continued use later on in his career, he is a firm believer in the company’s stability. So much so, that he has even taken up co-ownership responsibilities at the company.


Ronald is also an avid Hockey fan and coaches the youth league when he has the time. He appreciates the evolution of the sport to the now more tactical approach it’s taken today. He is also a family man and speaks fondly of his 3 kids who he makes sure to drop at school every morning. Simply put, he’s a man of many talents.


The Accomplished Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla History & Background

When describing the career of Jose Hawilla, there really is no good description of him that would not be an understatement. When you consider the amount of work he has put in combined with unmatched dedication, it is easy to understand how far Jose Hawilla has managed to come in his career so far. As a prominent businessman, Jose Hawilla has become a mentor and role model for younger entrepreneurs coming up. Put simply, Jose Hawilla has far exceeded the initial expectations that his peers had for him. In addition to that, Jose Hawilla is as deserving of the amount of trust and admiration he receives on a daily basis. As such an important person in his field, there are many accounts that would give him credit for numerous successful ventures in the field of business. In fact, an article by does a great job at describing the success of the brilliant Jose Hawilla. You can visit his page

More On Jose Hawilla & His Successful Career

in the article by on Jose Hawilla, the article goes on to explain how Jose Hawilla managed to reach the level of status he has today. It goes on to explain how for Jose Hawilla, his so-called “claim to fame” came in the form of the sports marketing industry. As a leading executive of one of the biggest companies in that respective field, Jose Hawilla quickly found success in other areas of business that has allowed him to achieve what he has today. Continuing on in the article, it further explains how Jose Hawilla has become one of the most influential men in all of Brazil. In other words, he has become as sought after and favored for advise as for any other prominent businessmen in Brazil, if not more so. Furthermore, the article illustrates just how beneficial Jose Hawilla has been to improving the livelihood of those he had the potential to reach. In terms of numbers, Jose Hawilla has helped millions with his valued efforts. All in all, Jose Hawilla has shown the world how to be a successful businessman while being as normalized as possible. Despite his obvious status as a highly-regarded individual, his kind-hearted generosity has made him loved by many if not all of his fellow countrymen. Needless to say, Jose Hawilla will continue to find success for many years to come.

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